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Tailent Automation Platform™ is the next-gen RPA.

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Future is not yet written.

You can choose to shape it or wait to be shaped by it.

At Tailent, we change the Future of Work making companies more efficient and people happier.

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We create skilled digital employees

companies can hire with just one click. Not just for tasks, but for End-to-End processes.

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TAP Skilled Bots


Application Centric By Design

A skilled bot has an application centric design. It already understands the ERP or application on top of which it will perform the expected automation.

Forget about planning for a specialized team that will need to be trained and certified on a specific technology.
Forget about the need for identifying what to automate.
Forget about gathering the required know-how.


Ready To Hire

A skilled bot just works. You are not paying for an empty license, instead you are hiring a digital expert bot who already knows what is expected from him. The best intersection between technology and know-how. There can be small adjustments required for your specific needs, but we are talking about a fine-tuning process, not building it from scratch.


Fastest Deployment Time

There is absolutely no term of comparison between a skilled bot and the creation of bots in the traditional RPA manner.

A skilled bot that is here and can be put directly to work will help you achieve the fastest deployment time possible, providing the best return on your investment.

Faster | Better | Cheaper

Tailent Automation Platform™
is the next-gen in RPA.

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Reusability is a holy grail principle in software development.

Ever since the rise of the first programming languages in the 1960s, to the rise of content management platforms in the 2000s, flexible automation tools relied on functions.

Therefore, while the inputs and output requirements do not change, other programmers can update and improve sub-programs without interfering with any of the programs that use the sub-program.

The world of RPA programming is no different. Companies need similar functionality and building that functionality is one of the most time-consuming aspects of RPA. Companies have common processes such as invoice to payment or employee onboarding. And these processes have common tasks such as checking dates, sending emails, etc. Since these processes are rarely a source of strategic advantage for firms, reusing software from one company to another increases the efficiency of the overall market.

Additionally, bot development is one of the most time-consuming parts of the RPA implementation. Therefore, any reductions in development time significantly improves the deployment time of RPA bots.



We completely understand your pain point! Having to spend large budgets for adhering to a specific technology or having an integrator develop for you without having direct support from the technology provider is more often than not a critical aspect of the decision for working with a specific technology provider.

We strongly believe in mutually beneficial partnerships, thus, when you make your commitment to invest in automation using our technology, we fully commit ourselves to serve you whenever you need help on your #AutomationJourney. We don’t believe our relationship ends when you commit to buy, we strongly believe it is our duty to constantly come to your aid and help you maximize your investment in Automation Technology.


One Size Fits All?

Automation is no longer one-size-fits-all. To be successful at bridging the talent gap, employers must leverage all forms of automation: Bots, Robots, Chatbots, low code apps, automation frameworks. But when you have to choose, you have to prioritize the one bringing the most advantages to the table.

Choosing the technical provider for your automation needs is no easy task.

Let us make it simple for you.

What is TAP™?

Tailent Automation Platform™ is a full-stack automation platform providing pre-built skilled digital workforce and a wide range of IDE tools to modify and/or develop new ones.

We developed TAP™ from the ground up, using modern design principles built on a sound architecture, offering unprecedented flexibility, performance, and scalability.


Full Automation

Just RPA or just Low-Code/No-Code platforms only solve parts of complex problems in many real-world applications.

Using an existing RPA provider will automate part of the processes dealing with legacy apps but leave large holes raising the dilemma of what exactly to automate.

Low-code/No-code platforms lack desktop automation because the platform of your choosing lives in the browser and can only connect to those applications with APIs exposed for specific productivity areas.

Leverage the Tailent Automation Platform™, and fully tackle all your automation needs without any environment barriers using TAP Synaptix Containers.



Don’t change your process. Automate what you need, when you need it.

We really understand the challenges a company has when it comes to automation. We understand that there’s a fine line where existing infrastructure needs to cope with modern applications.

We do not want to change your processes. We help you automate your existing processes and give you the possibility of building on top of that.

We strongly believe that the decision of when to change a process should always be a decision for you to make – not a decision you are forced to take.



Based on our experience we can say that the most satisfied customers are the ones who are offered the closest option to Plug’n’Play. And Plug’n’Play is deeply rooted in our core belief.

We are the ones providing you with the closest to Plug’n’Play technology possible.

Be it: pre-build bots, actions to create any workflow, our TAP Studio™ to help you create each automation project you need, our TAP Analytics Dashboard™ to give you real-time insights of how the digital transformation is impacting your daily operations or our TAP Orchestrator™ to manage each automation project/resource available or developed.


You Are Hiring Software

Leverage the Tailent Automation Platform and call the solution you need: bots, robots, chatbots, digital assistants, loyal workers, digital workforce, digital employees. Any way you call it, we are talking about Software.

What really matters to you is to solve your automation needs 10x faster and 10x cheaper.

Tailent helps you put Software to Work Faster, Better, Cheaper.


Developed for today’s IT environments – we’ve built our platform from the ground up, putting together tens of years of technical and business experience.

Our platform is a collection of robust modules with a wide range of compatibility from legacy to cutting edge technologies, fulfilling any kind of automation needs.

Proprietary Workflow Engine

We do not rely on third-party workflow execution engines for executing bot logic.

Instead, we developed our proprietary workflow engine that offers great scalability and customization features.


We know designing and mapping automation processes can be challenging. Because of this, our bots are modular by design! You can automate a task once and integrate it seamlessly into multiple automation projects, with minimal effort.

Computer Vision

Real-world is complex so we’ve built TAP™ Computer Vision capabilities into our bots.

Our bots can “see” the UI as humans see it. This enables you to tackle virtually any automation scenario, from interacting with common UI components such as buttons or textboxes, to complex optical features such as anchors – unlike regular RPA, we implement complex Machine Learning algorithms for identifying features, in a scale and rotation invariant approach. Yes, even optical anchors. Scaled or rotated!

Synaptix Containers

Leveraging our modular design, we enable organizations to encapsulate bots as web services – any bot you develop can be exposed using simple REST web services. This allows fast and easy integration with virtually any type of web application, from ERPs to even Chatbots.

Deep .NET Integration

We believe in simplicity. However, the real world is complex – even though TAP™ features a lot of general out-of-the-box automation actions, your processes might require a little bit of extra customization work.

We are the only platform that offers seamless integration between the OOTB actions and custom code – you can integrate C# custom code directly into your workflows, into the bot execution environment.

You can reference any variable or .NET type directly, with no effort. Low-Code/No-Code/Custom-Code – whatever works for you!



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