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RPA platform

Welcome to a new world of RPA, powered by the Tailent Automation Platform TAP and a flourishing ecosystem of partners, solutions and applications


Trusted by leaders

that are paving the way for a world ready for automation


Lower entry costs

Our first big step – give developers a better-priced license, with all TAP Studio features enabled from the start


Unlimited Bots

Yes, you read it right. Every license comes with the option to develop unlimited bots, attended and unattended


Easy onboarding

No need for a Center of Excellence (CoE). TAP is build with e lean learning curve that makes it easy for developers to easily build and deploy automation solutions

Reusability at the
core of RPA

Most of your current automation needs are based on processes and apps that others are also trying to automate. Build once, share and reuse solutions, across your organization or across the world. TAP™ into Tailent SkilledBots, application-centric, ready made automations developed by partners in the Tailent ecosystem.


We are disrupting RPA
into the mainstream

By enabling millions of businesses to deploy RPA

Discover TAP

The Tailent Automation Platform is a robust end-to-end solution that helps organizations of all sizes TAP™ into RPA and easily scale up automation to cover all automation needs.

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Tailent in the News

Romanian lawyers week

Tailent teams up with solutions provider Wolters Kluwer Romania to introduce affordable automation in highly regulated industries like legal, compliance, tax and accounting. 

logo-outsourcing-today-colorat-h200-1 (1)

Aliant and Tailent contribute to the development of the next generations of RPA specialists in partnership with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from Iasi University.


Intelligent software robots developed by Tailent, integrated in complex IT solutions offered to Romanian companies by ETA2U

Logiscool brings Tailent software robots to the team and prepares to integrate RPA into the education process

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